Fruit picking: practical and comfortable tools


To improve fruit picking, Gardena offers new tools within the Combisystem range: berry pickers, hooks for branches and racks for optimal organization of tools.
New intelligent solutions for practical and versatile gardening
"One of the most common challenges in the field of fruit cultivation is the berry harvest, both due to the delicacy of the fruit and the frequent presence of thorns", explain the company. To overcome the difficulties, Gardena has studied the new Combisystem berry picker. Made with over 90% recycled plastic, it allows you to collect several berries at the same time, gently detaching them from the stem, thanks to its plastic teeth.
The innovative swivel attachment allows you to adjust the gap between the tines, making it the ideal tool for picking not only berries (blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, etc.), but also larger stone fruit. The harvester can be used alone thanks to the comfortable handle it is equipped with or combined with a Combisystem handle, thus adapting to different harvesting needs (eg harvesting plums, cherries or mirabelles directly from the tree).
For easy care of fruit trees, GARDENA offers the new Combisystem Branch Hook, an "S"-shaped curved tool that is invaluable for shaking ripe apples and pears, supporting the branches during harvesting and freeing them from the weight of the snow in winter. Furthermore, during maintenance work, the hook is useful for extracting the branches that have been cut from the tree. Combined with a Combisystem handle, it also offers maximum flexibility of use and working height.
Finally, Gardena responds to the need to optimize space with better organization of tools: the Flex and Plus tool racks allow you to store all the tools in an orderly manner in the smallest space after use.
As with all Combisystem products, GARDENA offers a 25-year guarantee on new Combisystem tools and accessories.

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