Fruits and vegetables of the Parisian rooftops


One hundred additional acres consist of roofs and green walls, the project aims to reduce noise and air pollution, and urban heating. The city in 2012 won the award for his experiments Territoria of green roofs. In that year, the vegetation of the public spaces was about 5,705 m2 and 6,430 m2 of additional green roofs of buildings. In 2014, started 30 other innovative initiatives of urban greening, according to the Plan of biodiversity in Paris voted in 2011, which involves the design of 7 hectares of green roofs throughout the city, then reinforced by the program from 2014 to 2020 that imposes the creation of 100 new hectares of roofs and green walls. Many will be devoted to gardens.The model is inspired by success stories have already been tested in cities such as New York, Boston or Vancouver. In Montreal, the district of Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie has recently changed its rules to allow urban farming in common use and give more flexibility to traders: who wants to can even sell fish, vegetables, fruits and other vegetables that They will have grown on their roofs.Returning to the French capital, they are becoming increasingly popular also Jardins Partagés" (JP), community gardens created and managed by neighborhood associations in small plots of land made available by the City. The JP are managed by neighborhood associations, existing or created ad hoc on the basis of an idea game by citizens or by neighborhood councils, sometimes on demands of individual municipalities. The associations also carry out other activities in the district (animation, social inclusion, education.The inspiration of the gardens on the roofs of Montreal was decisive for Bel engineer who at the time was teaching eco-design and biomimicry. In collaboration with Nicolas Marchal we had the idea of a growing landless, only consists of urban organic residues. "We have been fascinating - explains Bel - dall'agroecologia, devouring books talking about it." So they put in place a project with Christine Aubry, a researcher at the Inra1 female engineer, Frederic Madre, a doctoral student at Mnhn2, and a team of researchers, under an agreement with the AgroParisTech who commissioned the gardens dedicated to research on the roofs School of Agronomy in the heart of Paris."On our reality - continues Bel - the chefs are the first concerned: they know that the freshness of the products is crucial to preserve the quality of taste of many vegetables and want to grow on the roofs of their restaurants. With Frédéric Mother so we created the company Topager to meet the growing demand for urban gardens. To date, we struggle to keep up with demand. "by Il Sole 24 Ore of Maria Teresa Manuelli"

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