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Our history has deep roots, rooted in the passion of a life devoted to art and love for nature. It was 1963 when my father Giuseppe Galbiati, known content of the '30s, he built a nursery farms around St. Peter and Acquabella: a place to cultivate love for plants and flowers and enjoy the rhythms of a wonderfully neat and pure nature. Today Galbiati Gardens have a modern nursery and cutting edge, which extends over 4000 square meters, of which more than 3000 covered by greenhouses made according to the most modern conception of Dutch nursery inspiration. The charm overlooking the square and the old Lombard Court, joins in a harmonious way to the spaces devoted to objects and to home décor. refined and elegant rooms and the scene of new and exciting encounters. What can be done in a nursery? Read a book, study the animal psychology, listening to Chopin, take the kids to play in the garden ... Seizing a northern European trend, which makes the journey through nature a cultural trip, we opened a brand new course dedicated to the exploration of the world of 'art and nature. Workshops, concerts and conferences are part of a rich calendar of events, for a true green revolution. Come discover the benefits of the new Garden! Franca Galbiati
Since 1963

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