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G.A.M. snc - Garden and agriculture machines
G.A.M. snc


Garden machines dealer

G.A.M. snc

t all began as a happy dad's intuition Claudio, timed repairman lost chain saws and garden machinery, who persuaded his son Massimo, just graduated mechanic repairer, to undertake this adventure. On 15.09.1983 officially born G.A.M. stands for Gardening-Agriculture-Motors, in a small space of only 40 square meters in Oltrona San Mamette (CO). Max starts to develop the first customers, and to establish business relationships with the most respected companies in the industry, with the support of his brother Mark in his spare time, increasing day by day work and revenues, as well as to require the transfer to a larger headquarters. GAM continues to grow, Marco officially joined his brother in the company and the number of employees increases gradually. flagship is the careful choice of partners, synonymous with quality and technology. Big brands like Sthil, Honda, Goldoni and our ongoing commitment, allow us to expand further by investing in a prestigious building, so that in 2004 was inaugurated the current GAM headquarters: a high-impact, modern and spacious, which It allows you to give a new image to our company by improving the services offered to our customers. This evolution, determines from our partners greater interest to want to develop and consolidate the relationship going with us in starting the new Dealer Master project with Honda and creating a dedicated corner inside the showroom with specific exhibitors and designer furniture . This project is reserved exclusively for business partners that reach high sales volumes and is advertised by Honda on the most prestigious trade journals, where it appears highlight the brand G.A.M. The large surface area of the new exhibition structure has allowed us to diversify our product offering, introducing also the garden furniture and barbecue and to enter into trade agreements with the most representative of the industry brands such as: The Log, Weber, The Lords of Barbecue . In this way G.A.M. It is now able to satisfy all requirements related to the world of the garden, from hobbyists professional green.
Since 1983

You can find us

Company headquarter
G.A.M. snc
Via San Pietro 18, Beregazzo con Figliaro (CO)

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