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The Garden Carretta was born in 1969 with the name Carretta seeds in a small shop in Via Mercati 3, where the holder Carretta Uldarico with his wife Graziana start selling seeds for vegetable garden and eating beans. After a short time the product assortment increased and, as a simple workshop on seed, it becomes a small supermarket for the garden and the garden, in fact inside the store as well as the seeds are fertilizers, bulbs, and small garden tools . In 1972 he began the sale of seedlings for vegetable garden in a small greenhouse behind the makeshift shop. It was the first retailer of Parma and the success of this product is still the point of reference for many clients. The work increases and spaces decrease, so in 1988 the company moved in the warehouse where it is still, initially with a small greenhouse by agriculture and a small nursery. In the new headquarters it completes the range of products by entering into the greenhouse trattatati houseplants, in the nursery fruits and outdoor plants and soils in the store pots and garden machinery. In the following years investments are made to improve the service, as the parking lot, the store of cut flowers, and a small workshop for repairs, but it is in 2002 that the company became Garden Center. Thanks to the construction of a greenhouse in a 800sqm glass is transformed throughout the company following the criteria of modern shopping centers. The area is divided into four main departments the nursery, the cold greenhouse, hothouse and the traditional store. In the nursery it is further broken down by the product areas such as outdoor plants, fruits, shrubs, hedges and in the cold greenhouse are exposed all the plants along with the terrace garden from seedlings, which is dedicated to a particular attenzione.La hothouse become part main throughout the store, the customer enters into this department and find a cozy and neat atmosphere, where plants and flowers are furnishing protagonists. Last but not least is the traditional department where the assortment of products for the care and maintenance of green abound. Since 2002 the Garden Carretta today is continually updated to offer its customers a complete assortment without neglecting the service, experience and expertise gained in over 40 years make the Garden Carretta the benchmark in Parma for lovers of gardening.
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Garden Carretta
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