Green bonus: this is discussed at the national gardening center convention


"Let's enjoy the green. The 3 B of the green: Bello, Buono, Bonus! "Is the title of the sixth national congress of Aicg (Italian Garden Center Association), which will be held in Palazzo di Varignana (Castel San Pietro Terme, province of Bologna) on the 17th and January 18, 2018.
The title summarizes and highlights the most topical topics and trends related to the world of green and plants, such as the Green Bonus, for which management will be provided operational indications useful to companies in the sector, the aesthetic redevelopment and wellbeing that create plants on the environment and on the health of people, thanks to the ability to retain polluting atmospheric agents and given the crucial role played by the vegetables of agricultural production at the base of our food chain. Finding hospitality in the Emilia Romagna region this year the themes of the conference will be strongly linked to the food, flavors and traditions of the area.
Many speakers and guests who will speak at the conference, and many topics addressed, each with a different cut or point of view, with the aim of always providing new stimuli and food for thought.
The mental horizons will be expanded through success stories from other sectors and markets, which can be an inspiration for an application in the world of the green. The interventions of coaches, motivators and mental trainers are decisive.

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