Il Germoglio Garden Center: autumn events


Great news this year at Il Germoglio Garden Center in Salzano (VE) which participates in the Autumn Garden Festival, a national "open door" organized by AICG (Italian Association of Gardening Centers): to celebrate autumn as a second spring it is a ship loaded with hay bales arrived.
In fact, a 9x9 meter sensory labyrinth was created with hay inside the nursery-garden, an open-air path that crosses a maze of hay balls and pumpkins, where you can find corners of knowledge, small showcases of autumn Italian plants. .
An area in which to literally "get lost" in complete safety and social distancing, immersing yourself in the colors and scents of autumn plants, relaxing, observing and learning about a selection of made in Italy excellence. Autumn as a moment of restart, of inner rebirth and renewal: these are the messages that Il Germoglio and all the Italian Garden Centers participating in the Autumn Garden Festival will be spokespersons for through an event that emphasizes the power of plants to purify the air and the environment and to help improve people's well-being.
We have had confirmation in recent months, during the lockdown, of how much plants and greenery have been a fundamental help to regain well-being and give happiness to people.
So it is essential to surround yourself with green: for the eyes, for the heart, for the brain, for all five senses. What's more satisfying than dipping your hands in the earth? Touch it, smell it, plant seeds, bulbs, flowers, vegetables for the winter; planting new trees that will flower and fruit in spring; learn how to prune the bushes and roses correctly, so as to have them bloomed in December ...
For the AICG Autumn Garden Festival Il Germoglio has organized other initiatives and events:
"Slowly to the rhythm of nature" hosted among the emotional flower beds of the nursery-garden: the first beautiful and first solo exhibition of the young illustrator Maria Marega who will exhibit 10 works of 50x50 cm size (1. Surround yourself with beauty 2. Change your rhythm 3. Slow down 4. Breathe 5. Feel the taste of the seasons 6. Find happiness around you 7. Practice patience 8. Listen to the other's breath 9. Put your heart into it 10. Take care). Maria Marega studied at the art high school, attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice and Bologna. In each of his illustrations there is a memory, small situations that he has observed or listened to; in this process, nature and time lived slowly are an inexhaustible resource of views and ideas. Maria practices climbing and loves time spent outdoors, this is a real lifestyle for her: aiming for the best of what she can do, and looking for the essential in and around her.
The "Pink Ribbon AIRC" Campaign will also start from 1 October: for the entire month of October and for each pot of pink cyclamen sold, Il Germoglio and all participating Gardening Centers will donate 1 euro to support cancer research at breast of the Italian Association for Cancer Research.
Finally, from 3 to 18 October, the fourth edition of the exhibition "100 shades of violets" will be held, an initiative that aims to discover or rediscover one of the most loved flowers of all time: the violet, with a delicate and easy to grow scent, which is the protagonist autumn and exhibition. Accompanied by expert staff, the public will be able to discover and get to know over one hundred varieties of violets of every color and flower, among the novelties the small and drooping mini-greens, robust plants that resist and bloom continuously even during the winter frost. The small flowers - about 3-4 cm - create dense cushions and splashes of color ranging from white to yellow, orange, lilac, crimson, purple, blue.
The Germoglio Garden Center has always adhered to the Autumn Garden Festival: it is a modern Gardening Center, which is inspired by the best Italian and European models. Inside, the exhibition develops through an engaging sensory journey. It starts with plants, goes through gardening products, expands to furnishings for the garden and outdoor living, and triumphs in the decor proposal. Following the seasons of nature, it offers inspiration to customize living and work spaces, relaxation, taste, innovation and quality. The Germoglio Garden Center is one of the sectors of the Il Germoglio Social Cooperative. Together with Il Germoglio Green Design and Il Germoglio Piscine for more than 25 years, he has been putting passion and competence to tackle the issues of green in the round: from the production of plants, to their sale to the public, from the design, construction and maintenance of green spaces. , from irrigation systems to connected infrastructures

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