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New routes of green for garden centers

The new routes of the green


"The new routes of the green. Art, nature and web ": with this ambitious title AICG (Italian Association Garden Center) launches its fifth national congress, one of the most anticipated events of the sector, to be held in Venice Mestre on 17 and 18 January 2017, at the ' NH Laguna Palace.
The lagoon city was chosen as the conference venue for its strong link with art and nature: from there participants will ideally sail to the "green routes" surfing not just green fields but also the web with all opportunities it offers.
The objective is to provide participants (not only AICG members, because the event is open to all) stimuli and ideas for the development of their company and the birth of creative ideas through storytelling and the comparison with some entrepreneurial excellence , not just "green."
For this among the speakers at the conference there will also be guests who do not come from the world of garden centers but they still have some success stories to inspire you, as Arrigo Cipriani, founder of the legendary Harry's Bar in Venice, the author of several books, including whose "Prisoner of a room in Venice" (Feltrinelli) in which he recounts interesting anecdotes about the famous people in the past years at Harry's.
Central will be the presence landscape architect Filippo Pizzoni who will explain, from the designer of the green but also an organizer of exhibitions and conferences, as is changing people's interest towards plants and greenery in general. Based on international examples, then down to the most everyday experiences.
There will be major interventions in the field of green with the presence of Sue Allen, former President IGCA (International Garden Centre Association) and English GCA (Garden Centre Association), as well as the owner of three Garden Center. Oliver Mathys, master gardener and florist, consultant in Germany for Garden Center adhering to the VDG (Verband Deutscher GC, corresponding to AICG Association) and "ambassador" for Congress International Garden Centre Association (IGCA) 2017 in Canada and Frank van der Heide, president of the Dutch Gardening Centres. Van der Heide will present the Garden Retail Experience, the eco-sustainability projects that advance in the Netherlands, as well as three of Garden Center models for the future.
There is also room for some training opportunities, thanks to Claudio Casiraghi, ethical marketing expert who will focus on the concept of marketing as a tool to explore new avenues that make companies more competitive according to the development of a common good, well-being of workers and development of the territory in which the company operates, and Andrea Sales, psychologist, psychotherapist, trainer and lecturer.
In closing, some witnesses "practices" of successful AICG shareholders that will be moderated by journalists.
Participation in the conference is free.

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