Garden center: what are the new trends


Doubled surface, innovative exhibition concept and in line with new market trends and a focus on consumer identities: Myplant & Garden launches the new edition of "Garden Center New Trend", the event - inside the Milan green fair - dedicated to gardening centers.
There will be over 600 square meters of scenographic and thematic installations that will create a lively and full of activities, in which the companies will present the latest news.
"Garden Center New Trend, in the 2019 edition, interprets an increasingly widespread need among consumers: the experience mania - The organizers explain - Today the customer wants to live experiences to share, to be told online, because we are increasingly connected. This involves a rethinking of the old concept, until you reach stores no longer focused on the product, but on how this can become part of the experience, part of the emotions that the consumer is looking for today. Garden Center New Trend intercepts that curious consumer, willing to pay more if the experience is worth it ".
In the exhibition spaces, the identity of the modern store's business is told: there are six different styles, trends and moods, but above all there are six different sources of inspiration for modern visual merchandising.

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