The garden centers support the AIRC


Also for 2017, the Aicg (Italian garden centers Association) renews support to AIRC (Italian Association for Cancer Research), through solidarity daisies 100% Italian.
There are 44 garden centers that joined last year, for a total of 59 outlets involved: 18 thousand sold daisies, with an offer total collection of 30 thousand euro. These funds were used to finance a scholarship of one year to Dr. Olga Tanaskovic (European Institute of Oncology), which is engaged in a research project on biological mechanisms underlying leukemia.
The AIRC Daisy is entirely Italian: it comes from the Italian Riviera, in particular from the Albenga plain, where every year it produces about 10 million vessels and is guaranteed by Fdai, the chain Italian Agricola Spa; will be marked with a label it signed Fdai and Aicg.
The solidarity Daisy will this year support of another Margherita: the fencing champion Margherita Granbassi, for years alongside Italian Association for Cancer Research in
This year will be more than 60 garden centers associated with AICG (the full list is on the site where you can buy plants of solidarity Daisy at a price of 4.50 euro: for every sold daisy, 1.50 euro will be donated to AIRC to support the funding of an annual scholarship for a young researcher.

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