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A specific training project for garden center collaborators: this is one of the most important changes discussed in the sixth national meeting of AICG (the Italian garden center association), which was held in Castel San Pietro Terme (Bologna) ) on 17 and 18 January.
The project, created in collaboration with Fondazione Minoprio, aims to train professionals able to respond to the specific needs of the garden centers, filling in some areas the offer of technical schools in the sector.
The project will start in June and includes 160 hours of training on transversal technical topics (botany, gardening tools, turf, various types of plants, nursery techniques, types of Garden Center settings ...) and on topics in communication and marketing. The lessons will be held by some teachers of the Minoprio Foundation, suppliers and consultants of the Garden world.
During the assembly of AICG, the adhesion was also confirmed for 2018 to the Margherita project by Airc and the organization of the Autumn Garden Festival.
Many speakers have been called to intervene - in the public part - on the topics of major current events and trends related to the world of greenery and plants: the title of the conference was in fact "Gustiamoci il verde. The 3 B of the green: Nice, Good, Bonus! "And the goal was to treat the value of the green to 360 °, going from the Green Bonus (the tax relief recently approved by Parliament for those who make expenses for the accommodation of green areas), to the wellbeing that plants transmit for the environment and health, to the importance of e-commerce also for garden centers, to suggestions on how to enhance relations with their employees and improve the organization of companies , up to the testimonies of successful entrepreneurs and mental trainers and coaches.
"I am very satisfied with the success of the event - comments Silvano Girelli, President of AICG -. The evocative location and the treated themes, all very timely, have attracted the interest and enthusiasm of the participants. I am extremely happy also for the positive performance of the Association, which in 2017 reached almost 200 members, including ordinary and supporters: a result that confirms that we are working in the right direction ".
Cover photo by Sergio Girelli

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