Garden center: the exhibition of violets returns


The "100 shades of Violas" will be back on display from September 22nd to October 21st: a unique opportunity to admire more than one hundred varieties of violets of all colors, different and original, all flowered at the same time. Now in its second edition, the traveling exhibition will be held in several Gardening Centers in the north and central Italy.
Violets, violets, minivioles and pansies bloom in spring, in the most varied colors, but it is transplanting them in autumn that the best blooms are obtained. Thanks to them it is possible to have luxuriantly flowered balconies even in winter.
The exhibition therefore has a dual objective, divulgative and cultural: to tell the possibilities that the viola offers also in the fall and to discover many curiosities about this apparently simple flower, in addition to information on its cultivation; the violets on display can be purchased.
An important novelty of this edition is the presence of the "Viola odorosa", a species recovered from the past and popular tradition. Known for many as Violetta di Parma, it is a species from whose flowers the essential essences are obtained to create perfumes based on violet.
It is a perennial plant, which blooms in spring. On show will be found of different colors, from white to purple through different degrees of blue and pink.
On the website the complete catalog of violets is available.

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