Design the Green, the Flormart Contest


A new term was set for enrollment at the international architecture contest of the Flormart Garden Show, promoted by Flormart at the next edition of the Padova Fair (21-23 September). To participate there is time until July 15th.
"The competition - the organizers explained - was born with the aim of enhancing designers, operators and public and / or private associations working in the field of landscape design, biodiversity conservation and enhancement and recovery of green spaces Within urban areas, which usually have no spaces and modes of comparison and visibility. "
Two sections: the first concerns the rebuilding of the torn fabric of an area of the territory of "Grande Padova", the second section concerns a portion of the Master Plan of the exhibition area, inside which there will be space for a new determined garden From the outcome of the competition.
The total prize pool is € 20,000 and cash prizes will be awarded to the top three players for each section: section 1 - first prize € 10,000 and six redemption charges of € 500 to participate in the final stage of presentation; Section 2 - first prize € 4,000, second prize € 2,000, third prize € 1,000. Information and registration at


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