Course for technical designers of green spaces


From 16 April to 6 July the first module, lasting 240 hours, of the course "Technician designer of green spaces", at the Agricultural School of the Park of Monza is scheduled. The course is aimed at aspiring garden designers.
The aim is to train a professional figure who knows how to design gardens, terraces, balconies, using a design software and making a proper analysis of the courses, and who also has the technical and practical bases of maintenance of the green, who knows the plants and knows use them competently.
The course in two modules, structured respecting the knowledge and skills provided by the Regional Framework of Professional Standards (QRSP) of the Lombardy Region, allows participants of both modules to obtain the Certificate of Competence (DDG 8486/2008) of "Technical Designer of green spaces "issued by the Lombardy Region and recognized throughout the national territory. Attendance to a single module instead gives the School a certificate of attendance showing the specific knowledge and skills acquired.
In the first module all the steps of the procedure are addressed to realize a good project of maximum, and it foresees techniques for the survey (photographic and not), census of the space, elaboration of the layout of the executive project to finally arrive at the graphic presentation to the client.
Some software that optimize the presentation time are then illustrated and used, in order to develop a functional graphic design that meets the expectations, tastes and wishes of the client. In addition, all the botanical skills (recognition and repertoire of annual plants, perennials, shrubs and trees) and agronomic plants are required, accompanied by a functional organization of the spaces in the chosen style and agreed with the client and a reasoned estimate. A part of the course will be dedicated to guided exercises and workshops in the classroom.
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