Garden festival d'autunno, a new event in garden center


More than one hundred garden centers protagonists, for a week of events dedicated to the world of gardening and aimed at a wide audience. Aicg, the Italian Association of gardening centers, is launching the first edition of the Garden Autumn festival, an initiative at national level designed to promote the beauty of the garden even in this season.The event, to be held from 24 September to 2 October, but will have its center in Sunday, September 25 will affect a long list of garden centers scattered throughout the peninsula, where events will be organized to discover the plants (more or less known) in able to flower gardens and green spaces, of any size, even in the fall.The complete list of garden centers that will participate will be published on the site Aicg, The festival was presented during the association's first informative meeting that was held in late June.

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