The Garden Festival at Quistini Castle is back


New appointment at Castello Quistini in Franciacorta Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th May with the special green format that combines nature, botany, design & handmade market, free workshops and meetings, street food and concerts.
The magnificent gardens and halls of Castello Quistini are the setting for the festival, as usual. It is a residence of 1500 in Franciacorta, now famous throughout Italy (and not only) as "the castle of roses", with over a thousand varieties that in spring color the palace gardens, which over the years has become a point of reference for all plant and flower lovers, of green living and of outdoor life.
Garden Festival was born from an idea by Andrea Mazza, owner of Dimora Creativa ( that after the great success of the first two editions, returns with a completely renewed festival ready to excite the audience once again. the last edition was able to assist among the many things at the splendid green installation in the frescoed hall of the building: a surreal garden where architecture and vegetation gave life to something magical (designed and created by Matiteverdi + A10studioarchitettura + Togni Giardini).
The Garden Festival market will always be one of a kind, but even more select: exhibitors from all over Italy who will space between creativity and crafts (kokedama, terrarium, tailored clothing, accessories and bijoux, illustrations, furniture for the home and garden , ceramics, books and manuals, botanical perfumery, but also collections and rarity of plants such as carnivorous, succulents, perennials and seasonal blooms, as well as the hundreds of roses on sale of the Quistini Castle nursery).
Among the novelties of the new edition, a special lighting installation in collaboration with Croval service that will make the entire garden magical, with the gates of the castle that will remain open for the first time until 11.00 pm on Saturday, an excellent way to admire the gardens and the castle in the evening, all expertly lit. The historic collaboration with Matiteverdi, Togni Giardini, Valter Angeli and the new important partnership with Studio Rossi Bianchi lighting design and Laura Bina Sforza of Studio Place will give life to a light installation inside the castle, where nature with plants and flowers it will merge with the magical atmosphere of the castle and a light installation that we are sure will leave you speechless like the past projects.
Garden Festival is a green NEL festival where you can listen to good music, admire green installations and installations, discover creative young people and designers, take part in workshops and meetings and eat healthy and good food in the gardens of the famous Franciacorta residence.
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