The garden at home thanks to the LEDs


Plants luxuriant and always healthy, also in the apartment, thanks to the LEDs: Fiskars launches a new and innovative line of home greenhouses inspired by the professional cultivation techniques with high energy efficiency.
The new line allows the growth of pre-cultured plants in a perfect environment, both the full growth of seeds in optimal conditions of light and moisture.
Various solutions proposed: "practical domestic greenhouses, quiet and fuel-efficient, to always have on hand a collection of fresh and assorted fresh herbs straight from the kitchen to the table", explained the company.
To grow herbs with greenhouse Fiskars KitchenGarden simply transfer the plants directly in the Orange Media Included, add in the base the amount of water indicated, turn on the LED lamp in the center and close the protective dome. In this way the plants are free to grow healthy and lush in optimal conditions, protected from drafts.
Fiskars has also thought of those who intend to approach the care of the home green by developing a simpler solution, but at the same time pleasant and satisfying. To have a constant supply of herbs, just enter the plants in the base of Fiskars HerbGarden, fill with water up to the level indicated on washable base and turn the center LED lamp that produces a white full-spectrum light, optimized for growing all plants.
Finally, for those who love to cook so tasty and healthy, Fiskars offers intelligent pot herbs that incorporates water-absorbing mats and double tank, allowing the roots to receive constant irrigation with an optimum amount of water always available.
The vase consists of a white outer vessel and an inner vessel provided with orange filter pads. Simply pour the map in orange vase and place it in a well lit place, protected from drafts. The water is fed in white vase through the opening near the handle, which ensures the correct amount of water and then reaches the inner vessel containing the orange pad that acts as a filter and, by absorbing water, provides hydration constant.

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