Garden machines: data for the 1st quarter of 2018


The press conference of Comagarden on the market scenarios of the machines for gardening and green care was held today, Friday 4 May, during which the new data on sales performance in the first quarter of 2018 were illustrated , which "freezes" purchases. The prolongation of the winter season has in fact produced a drop in the demand for machines and equipment for gardening and the care of the green compared to the same period of 2018.
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The association of builders Comagarden provides a recovery of sales during the year, thanks to the effects of the Green Bonus. For the time being, the cold and precipitation, even snowy, which lasted until March, delayed the blooms and the development of the plants, and reduced the purchase of machinery. After the -0.6% drop in total in 2017, Comagarden estimates for the first quarter of 2018 show a deficit of 11.1%, which applies to almost all types of machines: the lawnmowers mark -11, 9%, -6.6% for chainsaws, and a more marked decline for brushcutters (-16.7%) and trimmer (-29.3%). The hedge trimmers (-20.1%) and the tractors (-22.4%) are also bad, while among the few positive categories there are blowers / vacuums (+ 20%) and more generally battery tools.
"It is foreseeable - comments Comagarden - that during the year, with the stabilization of the season, the market can recover good sales levels, partly also on the boost of the Green Bonus, which is already fully operational and that, both even with the expected constraints and with a system of deductions very diluted over time, it should still stimulate the gardening sector.
"Comagarden's wish is that, beyond the Green Bonus, other initiatives to support the production sectors can be taken, with positive effects on the gardening activities and therefore on the mechanics of the sector. The political sensitivity, moreover, should also be found in a more effective management of all the activities related to the maintenance of green areas ".

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