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CLEANERS, RESTYLING RANGE (ANNOVI REVERBERI)Which news or what product your company has for 2016?It will be a year of several new features for Annovi Reverberi, and one of these is the restyled range of **pressure washers** brand Black & Decker. Explains **Maria Benassi, responsible marketin of Annovi Reverberi**: The operation was twofold: on the one hand the realization technical and other care for the design and layout of the new brands that the American giant It decided to launch on the market. It is therefore a range of new colors, made with premium materials and especially with cutting-edge design criteria and respectful of the relevant safety and usage. It is a range dedicated to daily use until you get to use semi-professional models. "Among the most relevant features from the point of view of innovation and strength of the product there are lightness and ease of use. "This is a very important feature because in the construction has always been put at the center the end consumer. Intuitive buttons and accessories easy to use. All this with the guarantee of a pump as dictated by AR. The heart of each high pressure cleaner is in fact tested and produced by a knowledge of history which now boasts 60 years of existence. The large tread help in mobility outdoor species - the accessories help in cleaning particular, to be able to remove even more dirt settled.Another strong point is definitely the depth range - products that start at an entry level until you get to induction motors with features semi-professional ".** What improvements and innovations have been introduced to better meet the needs and requirements of the user? *** Surely the ease of use and ergonomic design play an important role in customer satisfaction. The range of accessories supplied in each pack plus is a major selling, as well as the two-year warranty provided by AR as a builder is another competitive advantage. Do not overlook surely also the accessory on board and the convenience of a storage cables and accessories always ordered, as the ease of finding our retail products - we are present with license B + D in the best stores and supermarkets - helps surely the end customer. *LITHIUM, THE FUTURE OF THE GARDEN (+ BLACK DECKER)"Our news for 2016 see a focus on lithium technology that is hard on the future in the garden as well as the main alternative to wire versions and burst", so **Daniela Mancino, Trade marketing specialist outdoor Stanley Black & Decker** introduces innovations designed by the company for the new year."Innovation, design and ergonomics are the three elements that distinguish Black + Decker and becoming increasingly important in a highly competitive market," he explains. Three new products come on the market with 36-volt battery and 2.0 Ah: a **lawnmower with dual battery technology Autosense**, allowing you to automatically adjust the engine speed based on the type of work to be done by optimizing autonomy , and "3 in 1" (Mulching / Side / Collection in the basket 50 lt)

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