The association that brings the garden in the Milan offices


No matter what your business is conducted, if there is a vegetable garden in the office it works better. In Milan are more and more companies who choose to create a green area to be cultivated for their employees.

In many cases they have made it through an association founded in 2012, which is called "business gardens". It all started in a theater, the Parenti of Milan, for which the charity has created a vegetable garden by recycling old props and arranging an inner courtyard.

Then came the Fuori Salone and to follow an increasing number of vegetable gardens, here and there to Milan. The objective is to create within the places where companies promote relations between colleagues, giving psychological and physical benefit and reflect on good feeding practices.

The garden can be set up anywhere, either a terrace or a balcony, a plot of land or even a roof.


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