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The world of nature, flowers, plants and animals all under one roof. The Garden Planet roof by more 'than 30 years - thanks to the availability, reception and passion of those who work there - gives life to its customers a world of art and nature, knowing advise, assist and create elegant and harmonious spaces always be ready to give pleasant emotions. Under the roof Garden Planet you will find everything 'you need to transform your home, your office, your garden in an example of art and nature: plants indoor and outdoor, floral arrangements, equipment and decorations, furniture garden and beyond. A rich variety of animals - fish, rabbits, hamsters It's above all a competent and caring staff can follow you step by step in the design, implementation and maintenance of your idea of art and nature. An idea becomes reality thanks to Garden Planet.

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Garden Planet Arte & Natura
Corso Canonico Giuseppe Allamano 57/61, Grugliasco (TO)

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