Rome, there is a garden at the station


Why salads, rosemary and flowers at the station? In technical jargon is called green architecture sustainable, which translated means a new way of designing reception areas, in this case of travelers arriving at Tiburtina, and sharing, as those who get off the train is invited to attend in person to give a touch of green to the capital. In practice, a green space, which is both garden vegetable garden, prepared by Major Stations in Tiburtina, on the basis of the success of the big brother" in June was made in Venice Saint Lucia.Explained by the State Railways (where the site are taken from the pictures above): "Everyone can contribute actively, sowing favorite plant and leaving accommodate a multi-sensory mix of scents and colors, created by hundreds of plants."The garden is inspired by the Tiburtina Botanical Garden Villa Adriana in Tivoli, it occupies 300 square meters of the square and is made up of hundreds of plants arranged in six labyrinths surrounded by public pools where every visitor can be planted the seeds they prefer.There are 35 different botanical varieties, including herbs, salads, flowers, ornamental plants to welcome tourists waiting train on the seats in sustainable materials (recycled pallets).Hostesses and stewards 'gardeners' with planters furniture welcome to travelers by offering them a bag of seeds to plant in the tanks arranged in Green garden, realized by Up! Strategy to action, in line with the idea of Grendi stations to rethink the role of railway stations, turning them into squares aggregation services, entertainment, culture, and now green."


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