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Garden Schio - Flowers, plants and gardens
Garden Schio


Garden center

Garden Schio

Our story began in 1968 when Perin Bassett, along with his brother, then in their twenties, began the sale of plants, products for agriculture and the construction of gardens.

In 1975, he created the first store in San Zeno di Cassola with the insignia HOUSE GARDEN.
After this first experience, in 1995, Bassett, along with his wife Flora and children Elisa and Mariolino, started the business here in Schio in a new 1000 square meters with a sign HOUSE GARDEN 2 store.

In 2004 he was made the first expansion with a new greenhouse of 2,000 square meters that allowed him to improve the supply and customer comfort.

In 2011, with the desire to renew the image of the store was changed to the brand in the current Garden Schio and began, step by step, the transformation of the store into a veritable "garden center" renewing departments, exhibitions, paths and improving the product offering. Great importance was given mainly to the growth of personnel within the store so that today we can call it a "good team".

In line with these changes was the creation in 2013 of a farm, in order to devote himself to the production and direct sale of plants.
The March 20, 2016 were inaugurated the new greenhouses transforming the company in the first Garden Center in Schio, the most modern form now present in the "green industry market", boasting an indoor area of 5500 square meters.

After this milestone, as well as feel the great responsibility, the whole staff is prepared to meet the challenges that will arise along the way of this activity, with the tenacity and confidence in their work, in never doing the step chew, certain that will not be lacking the commitment and the desire to get involved.
This is our history, this is what we were, what we are and what we will be, what sets us apart and makes us real specialists in the garden.

You can find us

Company headquarter
Garden Schio
Località Ponte d'Oro 22, Schio (VI)

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