Garden Show is canceled


After the first event of 2015, the second edition of the Garden Show is canceled and wil not take place at Scuola Agraria di Monza, the event announced for 2017 has been deleted.

GardenTV had reached Luciano Grilli, commercial director of Edizioni L’informatore Agrario, organizer of the event, which in the interview of 25 February 2017 confirmed the next edition, in the same location, the accession of previous exhibitors and some important innovations, such as - for example - an exhibition merceologie widening exposure "greener" and even plants, flowers, seeds, but also furniture and much more in order to attract a more diverse audience of visitors and not only interested in machines.

Interviewed during the recent manifestation of La Fiera di Vita in Campgna, Luciano Grilli updates us on the Monza event and confirms that the 2017 edition will be canceled: "Unfortunately - said Dr. Grilli - many exhibitors in 2015, especially the "big" names, have confirmed their participation. Having reached a considerable number of participants we were forced to cancel the event. "

At this point, after previous attempts to make a trade successful event - and after this latest "disappointment" - all that remains is to wonder if the format "field testing" is a successful and convincing model for the Italian public. Or, it is not better to abandon or completely rethink the setting for this event, starting - in our opinion - first of all from a specific target to intercept and engage. Challenge not easy!


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