Here comes Garden Show


The second edition of the Garden Show will, after the first event of 2015, take place at the Scuola Agraria del Parco di Monza, the appointment to test and try equipment and machines for the gardens is confirmed even in 2017. The event, as already announced during a press conference at EIMA 2016, will be held in alternate years, so not to overlap at the Bologna fair EIMA International, after that announcment curiosity grew for the next event.

GardenTV reached Luciano Grilli, commercial director of Edizioni L’informatore Agrario, organizer of the event, to investigate on the event and have some anticipation.

Dr. Grilli, you confirms the second edition of the Garden Show in 2017?

"Absolutely, the official announcement from the organizers will soon be widespread, but in recent days we have renewed the agreement with the Agricultural School of Monza Park, thus confirming the same location in 2015. Regarding the dates, we do not yet know precisely day, but the event will be held in mid-September".

In addition to the partnership with the Scuola Agraria del Parco di Monza you have renewed the other collaborations and activated the "forces" fielded for the first edition?

"It is assumed that partnerships are the same as those activated in 2015, but we're working on it...".

Companies have already given you a feedback for their participation in this new edition?

"The one we have contacted have responded positively and plan to confirm their attendance, but we hope that there will be new ones."

The layout and format of the event will be the same?

"The format will be repeated, so the event will focus on dynamic tests of machines and equipment for the care of the garden. The target is both professional, both the keen gardener. This year, however, we want to expand the product field exposure "greener" and even plants, flowers, seeds, but also furniture and much more: the purpose is to attract an audience of more heterogeneous visitors and not only interested in machines".

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