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The new exhibition in the field Garden Show is the event focused on dynamic tests of machines and equipment for the care of green, plants and seeds. It is dedicated to both the professional (maintainer, Company of the green, gardener, designer, public administration), which enthusiast who makes the green cure their favorite hobby. For some categories of machines, subject to registration at the entrances, there will be the opportunity to try to better understand their functionality, manageability, and then test if they make their case. How then in the style of Country Life, ample space will be reserved for free courses of vegetables, fruit trees and composting. Garden Show, when and where Garden Show, workshops and courses Garden Show, brands exhibiting Garden Show, pre-registered for free The park of Monza La Scuola Agraria del Parco di Monza is the Professional Training Centre of reference on a regional and national scale for the provision of specialized training, retraining and refresher courses for technicians and operators of the green, gardeners, arborists and foresters, nurserymen, florists, green designers etc. Founded in 1902 and non-profit organization since 1920, accredited by the Lombardy Region, for over 25 years has been promoting education and culture in the areas of green ornamental and territorial and multifunctional. The headquarters of the school is in the heart of the Park of Monza, at the Orchard Farm, the structure of the greatest examples of Lombard rural architecture.
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