The Garden of Tradition is reborn


The initiative is by FerriGlobal, in collaboration with the Fortress of Volterra, which provides the manpower: a Garden of Tradition in which to experiment with new solutions for the more sustainable cultivation of vegetables.
The traditional vegetable garden is spread over an area of 2,000 square meters. The young people in the field will be supervised by agronomists from FertiGlobal, who work in the company's R&D department.
"The combination created will give operators the opportunity to live a unique experience of its kind, through learning an important job for the community, which is re-integrating them into the surrounding social fabric", explain the company.
The Garden of Tradition, in addition to being an experimental field exclusively available to the FertiGlobal R&D department, will also have a corner dedicated to the recovery of forgotten species of the territory, precisely to keep our regional traditions alive. This area will allow technicians to study sustainable ways to restore the cultivation of native plants no longer in use.
The Garden of Tradition, which will see its first harvest from spring-summer 2022, is also supported by hobby gardening companies, such as Blumen, Compo, Hozelock, Orto Mio and Verdemax have contributed to the realization of the project through materials and technical advice for ensure that the project is integrated into a reality on a human scale.

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