The garden won the prize Orticolario


The Orticolario jury awarded Green Passion for the "Disconnect to reconnect garden", who played with essences and design choices finding a refuge "disconnected" from a chaotic world but "reconnected" to themselves and to others.
So Green Passion explains his project, which won the award for the best composition of tree species, to the adequacy of matching and research of new varieties also: "Life is hectic, the connections we stress out, we are connected with everyone and everything. access to information is huge, but we lack the most important connection: the one with ourselves.
Coming close to the garden, we see from the outside wall, and then another. On these shows a virtual forest, where the trees have cables to connect instead of branches. The blue sky is given by a flock of Twitter birds on the run, looking for a real forest.
The facade acts as a separation between the chaotic world, virtual and nagging, and the dream of space, lightness, suspension. At the same time he wants to represent the barrier between ourselves and our deepest self. Cross it means detaching ourselves for a moment from everyday life to access a more authentic dimension.
Beyond the wall, welcomes us lush vegetation, exotic charm. Large soft leaves seem almost touch us. Nature surrounds us, embraces us, speaks to us. Among its dense textures, finds refuge the anemone. Its white blooms emerge crisp and delicate. Their purity symbolizes the inner beginning of the investigation.
The gentle murmur of water, amplifies the feeling of peace and lightness. A figure with human traits, happy dance to the rhythm of the sounds of nature. So dressed in leaves becomes an expression of a deep symbiosis between man and nature. Under his feet, he reflected in a mirror image of this metamorphosis.
Wide seats invite you to rest, to enjoy this sensory experience. The mind relaxes, the space and time seem to expand. We close our eyes and allow us to go to this feeling of serenity. "

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