New Gardena battery lawnmowers


A new range made up of three battery-powered and two electric models, for lawns of different sizes and needs: Gardena presents the PowerMax range.
Powerful, ergonomic and reliable lawnmowers
The new battery lawnmowers are the PowerMax 30/18V P4A, suitable for lawns up to 150 m2, the PowerMax 32/18V P4A for larger areas up to 200 m2, and the PowerMax 37/36V P4A which, thanks to the , is perfect for lawns up to 350 m2.
Offered both in the version complete with battery and without, they are powered by the battery of the 18-volt Power for All Alliance system, which stands out for its adaptability to a wide range of Gardena gardening tools and to various tools from other brands. All this translates into an advantage for the environment and cost savings for the user.
For users who prefer electric lawnmowers, Gardena offers the two new models PowerMax 32/1200 and PowerMax 37/1800, for small and medium-sized lawns: equipped with a powerful motor, respectively of 1200 or 1800 watts, they guarantee a width of cut of 32 and 37 centimeters.

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