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New electric and battery-powered lawnmowers and a new lawnmower robot: Gardena and McCulloch present some to take care of the lawn.
Gardena extends the PowerMaxTM range with the PowerMax 1600/37 and 1800/42 electric models and the PowerMax Li-18/32 and Li-40/37 batteries.
The new lawnmowers are united by the great performance guaranteed by their PowerPlus motor (brushless in the battery models), powerful and high torque, which allows a precise cut of the lawn even in very difficult conditions.
Their CnC Plus System collection system (Cut and Collect) ensures better air circulation and, thanks to the optimal inclination of the basket, guarantees a clean cut and a more efficient grass collection. The new lawnmowers are equipped with the patented QuickFit system, which is extremely convenient for easy height adjustment (5/10 levels from 20 to 60 mm). Just press and turn. Equipped also with double-hardened DuraEdge blades, with precision sharpening to guarantee excellent cuts.
To work with maximum comfort, the PowerMax Li-18/32 lawnmower is equipped with an ErgoTec handle, whose shape allows an easy and comfortable handling of the tool. The models PowerMax 1600/37, 1800/42 and Li-40/37, thanks to the ErgoTec Plus handle, are even more ergonomic because they allow a comfortable grip in several positions.
The new PowerMax 1600/37 and 1800/42 electric lawnmowers have a powerful 1600W / 1800W engine and are equipped with a 45-liter collection basket and filler indicator. Equipped also with large rear wheels for greater maneuverability and side guides to cut easily even along the edges and walls.
The new PowerMax Li-18/32 and Li-40/37 battery-powered lawnmowers guarantee high cutting performance, with maximum freedom of movement without the presence of a cable. With a cutting width of 32 and 37 cm and a collecting basket of 30 and 45 liters, they are perfect for surfaces that have an extension up to respectively 230 and 450 square meters.
The Model Li-40/37, maximum in comfort, is equipped with a control panel (includes the on / off function, energy saving button and the charge level indicator). It is also compatible with Smart System batteries, to enjoy all the consequent advantages of the system (remote control).
To meet the needs of everyone, both are available both equipped with battery (respectively 18V Li-Ion / 2,6Ah and 40V Li-Ion / 2,6 Ah) and charger, and without.
McCulloch, a leading company specializing in garden care equipment, offers ROB, the innovative and powerful robot in two versions ROB R600 and ROB R1000.
Thanks to the LCD with programming menu of the McCulloch Lawn Robots, the user can best define the setting of the "cutting job" and so ROB will know exactly what to do, day and night 24/7.
Definitely tireless, ROB independently cuts up to 600 square meters (ROB R600) or 1,000 square meters (ROB R1000). The best thing is that while ROB takes care of the lawn cutting, the user can take care of other things.
ROB does not just cut the grass, but crumbles it into small pieces that nourish the lawn and make it stronger and healthier.
The two McCulloch Robots operate with 18V Li-Ion battery and have a working capacity of 43 sqm / h (ROB 600) and 48 sqm / h (ROB 1000).
To simplify the use to the consumer, the kit provided by McCulloch includes everything you need (150/200 m perimeter cable, 200/400 stakes, 9 spare blades, 2 connectors, 6 joints) and, to ensure maximum safety , the robotic lawnmowers are equipped with an anti-theft alarm with PIN, anti-collision sensors, lifting and tilting.

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