Gardena portable battery pressure washer


With the Gardena AquaClean high-pressure cleaner, cleaning work in the house and garden can be carried out in a practical way, without cables and with a very low weight. Compact and easy to handle, the AquaClean medium pressure cleaner comes with a range of accessories and is ready to use thanks to a kit that includes nozzles at different angles, a long and a short lance, detergent dispenser, quick couplings for taps, draft tube and 20 l container to always have water available.

The pressure washer works with three power levels depending on the material and objects to be cleaned. It is powered by the new 18V POWER FOR ALL battery system, compatible with other equipment.
This pressure washer is suitable for cleaning cars, bicycles and motorcycles, outdoor spaces such as terraces and balconies, floors, shutters and shutters, garden furniture and garbage cans.



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