Gardena pumps against water waste


A new complete range of pumps, consisting of 11 models to meet any need, in particular 1 battery tank pump, 4 submersible pumps for clean water, 4 submersible pumps for dirty water and 2 submersible 2in1 pumps for dirty and clean water.
United by the reuse of water to avoid waste, each solution has specific functions and characteristics.
To irrigate with the new Power for all alliance battery system, Gardena launches the new 2000/2 18V P4A Tank Pump.
Cable-free, easy to handle and extremely flexible, the new 2000/2 18V P4A tank pump is ideal for irrigating greenery with small sprinklers, lances and drip systems, for drainage or water transfer.
To pump clean water (rainwater or water from cellars in case of flooding), Gardena offers the submersible pump 9000, the submersible pump 11000, the submersible pump 11000 Aquasensor and the submersible pump 17000 Aquasensor.
For dirty water, however, the new solutions are: the submersible pump 9000, the submersible pump 16000, the submersible pump 20000 Aquasensor and the submersible pump 25000.
For all those who are still not sure whether they are looking for a pump for clean water or dirty water, Gardena solves the problem with the 2 models of 2in1 pumps: the 15000 and 19500 Aquasensor dirty and clean water pump.


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