GardenStuff was founded in 2012 by designing and producing a very limited range of home furnishings and decorations related to outdoor spaces.

The basic initial choice that has always been more distant has been to develop ideas in unique, innovative objects, with a distinctive Italian design and with the intent of adapting to the current evolved choice of living their outdoor spaces and interior.

With this approach, the basis of each of our products is gradually built up: the ideation, the study, the realization, the industrialization and the production are defined steps and followed all within us. Thus we combine creativity, experience and all-Italian production available to our client.

Knowing and investing so deeply on each product we can quickly adapt to sudden changes in the market and offer our customers the most suitable and exciting product.

The ever increasing choices of our customers to really appreciate our ideas give us satisfaction and desire to invest more and more in products with an Italian character and practical, functional and unique aspects.

This is how we realized that each of you visitors and customers, with your support, your contribution, allows us every day to grow and encourage us to do more and more to compete with foreign companies and importers.

Since 2015 we therefore wanted to invest all our energies and knowledge to deepen every sort of product related to the world of the garden, choose the best and consequently put it in sharing, creating a site that allows us to stay even more in touch with you, in the most concrete sense possible where you can find in addition to our products everything related to the garden with the most appropriate market price possible, immediately available to give you and give you more ideas to allow us even more to share and enhance your preferences and ideas .

You can find us

Company headquarter
Via Grazia Deledda 11, Legnano (MI)

Manufactures and stores

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