Gardener courses: open day online


The open days organized by the Agricultural School of the Park of Monza will take place online this year to present its long-term courses, scheduled from February 2021. Two appointments, on 15 and 17 December, always at 10.30.
During the open days, the recipients of the courses and the certificates and licenses that will be obtained at the end will be indicated; space also to explain the didactic programs of the courses, which are made up of theoretical lessons and practical exercises.
On December 15, the open day of the professional gardener course will take place online: 600 hours structured in synchronous online and face-to-face lessons and practical exercises on site. At the end, the release of the green maintenance qualification certificate, 3 licenses and all the skills to work as a professional gardener.
For the Green Space Design Technician course, the appointment is on 17 December. The course includes 240 hours, online theory, face-to-face practice. This is a first module of the training course dedicated to aspiring garden designers and green professionals who want to design green spaces, gardens or terraces.
To receive links to the free online meetings, contact the didactic secretariat: or 329.1016843 Info on

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