Profession gardener: here are the indications for training


On 2 May it was published in the Official Gazette (BURL No. 18 Ordinary Series of the Lombardy Region), Decree no. 5777 of 23 April 2018: Regional regulation of the professional and training standard of the green maintainer. An important step for the start of the training courses essential for the start of the gardener activity.

"A historical result, that of recognition at the national level, the figure of those who take care of and keep the green by profession; and now, starting from the Lombardy Region, the training courses will start, a fundamental step to give value and respect to the work of companies, also by raising the level of professionalism of the green workers and to give a new dignity to a work that many have always considered a hobby and where "black" work is a real disaster for companies in good standing, "said Nada Forbici, president of Assofloro Lombardia.
The document will also be published for the other Regions, which will thus have a common educational standard.

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