"Budding" gardeners, gifts under the tree


Gardening is a passion that has been cultivated since childhood. So, with Christmas just around the corner, GardenTV has thought of a small review of gifts dedicated to small green enthusiasts: miniature tools or toy machinery, to grow and grow young gardeners.

Husqvarna machines are also designed for children. Husqvarna offers a series of toys for children, such as a chainsaw with safety kit consisting of helmet and gloves, or the blower, mower, hedge trimmer or trimmer.
Toys sure, but very similar to the equipment of the great: "These toys - they explain in fact from Husqvarna - really work, reproduce the original sounds and well combine the playful to the educational aspect. With these toys, the little ones will be able to simulate, in their own way, the work in the woods and in the garden of the great ".
The line includes the toy chainsaw for children, with protection kit consisting of a plastic helmet and gloves (the chain saw has a chain with movement made of soft plastic material and original sound); the toy trimmer for children, with wire head that simulates reality, rotates and lights up with green light, equipped with extendable rod and original sound effect. There are also the hedge trimmer with sound effect and cutting bar that faithfully reproduce the petrol models, the blower, really working and with original sound effect and finally the toy lawnmower. It has a start button and original sounds, with lights in the crankcase.
Where are? "All products - the company concludes - can be found at Husqvarna authorized dealers".
For her little fans, Stihl offers the toy version of some of her equipment and accessories. The toy chainsaw reproduces the sounds of real Stihl machines (with adjustable volume), the rubber chain moves and the spare set is also available. The toy is recommended for children over 3 years.
The cordless toy brush cutter measures 86-107 cm and is suitable for children aged 5 and up, to have fun in the garden, imitating the work of adults.
And to become in all respects a small professional of the green, Stihl also offers dungarees (sizes from 3 to 11 years) and a hat in the children's version.

Watering cans, buckets and shovels, rakes, brooms and spades, wheelbarrows and dispensers: a tool for every little job. This is the proposal of Stocker, in the Kids Garden line.
"Children's Stocker gardening tools - they explain from the company - are colorful and ideal as toys and to help in the garden. With these tools the children can create flower beds, remove weeds and sweep the leaves, transport the stones, sand and toys; experience nature and the garden in a playful way ".
The line includes shovel, rusty metal rake, wheelbarrow with metal tub, a 300 ml sprayer and a watering can.
Where are? "Like all Stocker products - the company answers - the Kids Garden line is available at Garden Centers and specialized shops".

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