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Gardeners, how did the recovery go?

Gardeners, how did the recovery go?


With the Prime Ministerial Decree of 10 April, the Ateco code 81.30 - the one that refers to the work of the gardener - was included among the activities whose recovery was allowed, albeit with some limitations (such as the construction of new green areas). Hundreds of gardeners were able to get back to work, at least partially. GardenTV wanted to interview one of them, to understand how it went, if and what the problems were and how the work is tackled in the new context of a health emergency. Here is the story of Luigi Pinna, of Progetto Verde Olbia.
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"First day of shooting, the first thing to do was organize the work and in particular think of masks, gloves, disinfectant to fix the vans and then to always carry around, to make us find prepared even in the case of checks", begins Pinna .
Are masks and disinfectants easy to find? "Unfortunately no, there is still difficulty in finding disinfectants and especially latex masks and gloves, which I have not found anywhere, neither in the pharmacy, nor in shopping centers. So we're doing our best. Once ready, second problem ».
Meaning? «The trip in the van. We inquired if we could all travel together or alone. So we contacted the local police, who confirmed that we could travel in four using all the masks and the necessary protections. So we left to go to work. "
How did you find the gardens? «There are so many things to do, from the high lawn that needs to be restored and cut gradually, which is a waste of time, to the fertilizations that are left behind. Unfortunately the heat is about to arrive, we are still on time but in some areas someone has remained unprepared and not having periodic fertilization the danger is that the lawn will get sick. Then the pruning, cleaning, in short, a lot of backlog ".
No new creations instead. "Those cannot be done at all, also because the construction sites are stopped, so the new gardens will have to be postponed to the end of the works and the end of the emergency".
Have you had any checks? "Yes, and unfortunately I have to say that there is still very little clarity about the fact that we gardeners can work and unfortunately there are many interpretations: at a police check we were told that only works were planned on public areas. In the end we had to go to the prefecture for a declaration. "
"In any case, for the moment we are doing our best and we are going forward for the moment, hoping that this emergency will end soon."


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