Gardening is good for the body and mind


Gardening is an activity that produces well-being, to the body and also to the mind: now also confirmed by some scientific research, conducted by scholars who have investigated the levels of stress and the benefits on the body of those who dedicate themselves to lawn care according to precise parameters. , plants and flowers.
The Royal Horticultural Society of England conducted a survey of 1,200 people, 600 of whom are regularly engaged in gardening activities and 600 are not. At first, there was a 6.6% higher level of well-being and a 4.2% lower stress level.
As Dr. Lauriane Chaluin-Puin, of the RHS, who led the study, explained, this happens because nature is able to "distract" thoughts from problems by focusing the energies of the mind elsewhere.
Not only that, the people who have larger spaces and a greater number of plants have also shown to have a greater sense of sociality and sharing.
40% of the respondents also explained that physical limitations, illness or health problems did not prevent them from dedicating themselves to the care of the garden.
In short, as the researchers explained, "the more you do, the better you feel, and there is no risk of overdosing".
For its benefits on the body, gardening can even be compared to other activities such as cycling, running, sports. The American Center for Disease Control & Prevention has estimated that an hour of gardening can burn up to 300 calories.
The Harvard School of Public Health also found that living surrounded by greenery contributes to lowering the death rate from certain diseases by up to 14%.


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