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To keep the garden tidy and clean, in view of the autumn season, Gardena presents three solutions that allow you to work quickly and effortlessly: the ErgoJet 2500 electric blower / vacuum cleaner, the AccuJet 18-Li battery blower and the blower / PowerJet Li-40 cordless vacuum cleaner, with blowing capacities of 310 km / h, 190 km / h and 320 km / h respectively.
The powerful ErgoJet 2500 electric blower / vacuum cleaner is a versatile tool and the ClickFit system, with which it is equipped, allows the transition from the blower function to that of vacuum cleaner and vice versa in an extremely simple way, without the use of tools. The optimal weight distribution and the handle with soft plastic inserts make it an extremely handy tool and the variable air speed gives it greater control.
It guarantees a great collection autonomy during the suction function since it is equipped with the integrated shredding function.
The latter allows, through a robust metal impeller, to significantly reduce the volume of the aspirated leaves (14:01). Its collection bag is also large and easy to empty (45 l). Finally, its nozzle is equipped with a scraper to remove even wet leaves.
Lightweight and practical to use, the AccuJet 18-Li battery blower is ideal for every user. Its handle is ergonomic and is equipped with soft plastic inserts that allow a comfortable use of the instrument in any situation. Wire free, the AccuJet 18-Li battery blower allows for easy use, with full freedom of movement. Equipped with a powerful rechargeable Li-Ion battery (18V Li-Ion / 2.6 Ah) that guarantees excellent working autonomy (can clean an area> 250 m2) and a standard battery charger.
Top of the range, Gardena offers the PowerJet Li-40 blower / vacuum cleaner.
Equipped with a very efficient and long-lasting brushless motor, Gardena's PowerJet Li-40 Blower / Vacuum is positioned as the most powerful currently on the market. Three functions in a single tool to satisfy any need: blows, sucks and shreds the leaves.
The powerful battery, which it is equipped with (40V Li-Ion / 4.2 Ah), rechargeable Lithium Ion, guarantees a working autonomy of 40 minutes. Also included is a standard battery charger.
Its excellent ergonomics make it a well balanced tool, the use of which does not generate any fatigue. For maximum control of the tool, the PowerJet Li-40 Blower / Vacuum is equipped with a control panel that includes the on / off function, the energy saving button and the charge level indicator.
To give the user the opportunity to save money by using batteries from other products, the AccuJet 18-Li and PowerJet Li-40 models are available both with and without batteries.


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