Nursery gardening: united forces against the Covid crisis


A national working group in support of companies in the horticultural sector has been established for a few weeks with the coordination of Assofloro, to deal with the crisis due to the Covid-19 emergency.
The group was born on the proposal of Giorgio Demenech, commercial director of Floricoltura Maffucci di Viareggio, and brought together several hundred companies in the floriculture sector of all the Regions. He has set himself various objectives by becoming the spokesman for companies scattered throughout the territory.
"Concrete proposals are needed to deal with the crisis."
The working group is made up of entrepreneurs from different regions: Simone Cargnino (Piedmont), Guido Barra (Marche), Lionella Pastor (Liguria), Pietro Paparella (Puglia), Luisa Mondelli (Lombardy), Nicola Nozza (Lombardy), Remo Dimeo (Lazio), Marco Carmazzi (Tuscany), Giacomo Chiarappa (Tuscany), Luca Maffucci (Tuscany), Giorgio Demenech (Tuscany), Bruno Santacroce (Calabria), Francesco Guarino (Sicily), Fabio Baldi (Emilia Romagna), Giampaolo Girelli ( Veneto), Antonio Pisapia (Campania), Nada Forbici and Andrea Pellegatta (Assofloro).
The mobilization of companies in the sector that, in different ways, have managed to turn the spotlight on public opinion and politics, is an important and not at all obvious result because the sector until yesterday, also due to the disintegration and lack of economic data, was in fact unknown. However, this is not enough to overcome the crisis and solve the economic problems of businesses. Concrete proposals are needed and it is important to relate constructively and in a coordinated way with the institutions and political decision-makers at regional and national level, in the very short time determined both by the crisis and by the work of Parliament and the Government.
It is also necessary to monitor and pay constant attention to the decrees and measures to support companies, to intervene with proposals and amendments.
The working group has this purpose, also summarizing the requests-proposals coming from the enlarged group and, more generally, from the companies in the sector, to make them reach the political tables effectively.

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