Gardening and DIY, new business strategies for a disruptive future


The Global DIY Summit is the world’s leading event for retailers and manufacturers from the home improvement and garden centre industry. It is a unique opportunity to exchange views on current and future developments within the global market with the industry’s leading players. GardenTV interviewed Ralf Rahmede General Manager of Global DIY Summit.**The main topic of the 4th Global DIY Summit is the opportunities and challenges of DIY in a disruptive world, could you explain us what do you mean with “disruptive world” and what are the links and connections with DIY and garden business?**In the digital world we often use the word disruptive. That means more or less business strategies or business models which change the existing models, some examples; Uber are a disruptor for the taxi business model, Apple Ipod is a disruptor for the music industry with CD’s. So disruptive is much more than only innovation. The risk for all known business models is that somebody will solve consumer wishes with total new ideas or find total different solutions for consumer problems. That is also the case in DIY and garden business. Today and in the future we will see a lot of ideas which base on digital solutions in our home improvement branch. Smart home is a key word. **Must DIY and garden become more “smart” and digitally connected to survive the changes of the market due to the spread of new technologies?**Clear yes! If we don’t move also to the use of digital technology for consumer satisfaction other branches will offer solutions for the consumer and disrupt business models in the DIY and garden business. In the future, we need the connection between do it yourself and digital technology, use digital support to fulfil your personnel do it yourself capabilities.**With the advent of a digitally driven revolution, innovation plays a fundamental role within companies and their business. Companies who don’t innovate are destined to succumb?**That is not new, also in the past, the winner are the innovative companies, on both sides, the innovative suppliers with innovative products and solutions and retailers with innovative merchandise concepts and innovative stores. But in the future the lifecycle for innovations will become shorter and the difference between the existing and the innovation will become bigger. **Who are the most innovative and important relators that are going to animate this year Summit?**At the end from the delegates vote we will have the best one. I don’t know and that we depend on what I am, retailer or supplier or service provider. I’m sure we have a lot of fantastic speaker, who tackle that point and provide the delegates with new ideas. With our 5 big topics, Leadership, Connected Home, Disruptors, Market update and Home Improvement around the World we present a full overview about the drives in our business with top speaker in all sessions from all over the globe.


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