Orticolario: the tenth edition presents itself


Tenth edition for Orticolario, the cultural event dedicated to the green that takes place at the beginning of autumn at Villa Erba, on Lake Como: Tuesday, June 26th Ethimo, in Milan, hosted the press conference for the presentation of the 2018 event , scheduled from October 5th to 7th.
This year's theme is the game and the title of the "Si salvia chi può" kermesse. "The game - explain the organizers - a complex and fascinating concept capable of generating imagination, irony, mystery, sense of wonder. Sage, the main plant is magical, purifying and divinatory, a genus that can boast a great biodiversity counting in fact about 1,000 species and hundreds of varieties coming from all over the world ".
To make the story even more "salvific" will be the guest of honor of Orticolario 2018, Roy Lancaster, vice president of English RHS, Royal Horticultural Society, discoverer of plants, writer and journalist, who will receive the award "For an Evolved Gardening 2018 ".
30,000 expected visitors
25% of visitors at the first visit
270 exhibitors involved
"Orticolario is more and more inspiration and elegance for a new relationship between man and the environment that surrounds him. A coexistence between love for nature and a passion for beauty as a way of life ", said Moritz Mantero, founder and president of Orticolario.
The essence of Orticolario, today, is clearer than ever, clearly visible in all its details, is the plot of a story built around nature: gardening, botany, landscape, art and design are all elements that help to tickle a certain sensitivity, to create an evolved idea of the garden, which can be outside and inside the walls of the house, without conceptual boundaries.
To celebrate the tenth edition it was decided to place in the heart of Orticolario, its square, in the central pavilion of the exhibition center, a gigantic inflatable art installation. An immersive experience created with Mantero silk. A heart that beats for art and that marks a starting point from which the gardens and installations set up in the park are developed, inspired by the theme of the year and selected through the international "Spazi Creativi" competition by a jury composed of members of different nationalities; the winner is awarded the "La foglia d'oro del Lago di Como" award.
As always, the event is enriched by a wide display of plants and flowers (including unusual and collectible plants) proposed by selected national and international nurserymen, as well as artistic craftsmanship, art and design installations (in particular the project "DehOr Design your horizon", exhibition areas and relax areas created by designers). In addition, over time, the program of cultural meetings and educational-creative workshops for children has grown considerably, placing Orticolario as the main event dedicated to the culture of beauty.
Detailed information on the proposals and initiatives of Orticolario 2018 on the continuously updated website: http://orticolario.it/category/visitatore/
Orticolario also has a double value, environmental and social: since the first edition, during the three days are collected contributions then donated to associations of the territory of Como involved in the social, active in the realization of the event.
Orticolario 2018 is made with the support of Mantero Seta and the contribution of Elmec Solar and Ethimo, and has an agreement with the FAI - Fondo Ambiente Italiano and the Italian Touring Club.

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