Gardening: the second-hand market is growing


The market for second-hand gardening equipment is growing in Italy, in line with a trend already seen in recent months in agriculture (which has marked + 60% in the last 5 years). In the face of ever-growing demand, there are also more and more online platforms and channels to which professionals are turning to search for used items.
From specialized sites to stores, including physical stores, which have opened or expanded a section dedicated to second-hand, the offer is truly wide and concerns equipment of all kinds.
Among the most requested products there are rotary tillers, riders, garden tractors, but also lawn mowers and brush cutters. The web also offers those looking for a car to buy the opportunity to ask for advice, see reviews and get product information.
To this end, social groups have also recently multiplied where users exchange opinions on equipment, while the Facebook Marketplace (the section of the platform dedicated to the sale of second-hand items) has also been populated with tools for landscaping.
The strength of second-hand equipment is certainly the price, which allows gardeners and maintenance workers to equip themselves with efficient and good quality equipment at a low cost, to tackle different kinds of jobs.
This was confirmed by the manager of the "used" sector of a large store: "More and more customers come to us looking for quality equipment but at an affordable price and in this the second hand offers an excellent response".
In the agricultural sector, a real boom in used cars was detected at the beginning of 2020. FederUnacoma data on registered tractors showed a ratio of 2: 1 compared to the new one.

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