Gardening in Italy, a 2.7 billion euro market


It is a market worth a total of over 2.7 billion euros (2017), which shows positive signs with growth projections also for the next five years and which rewards in particular horticulture and equipment for green care: some of the data collected from the research carried out by Euromonitor International for Myplant & Garden, which will be presented during the fair that will take place in Milan from 20 to 22 February 2019.
In 2017, half of sales in the Italian gardening sector (total amounting to 2.76 billion euro for sale, with projections of constant growth in the five-year period 2017-2022) focused on horticulture, almost a third of the share was represented by gardening equipment, 12% from pots and planters (+ 6.9% 2017-2022), 8% from garden-care.
Despite the hot summer the tendency to green spending of Italians has slightly increased, recording a surge in the machinery sector. In this panorama, the gardening robotics and garden-care accessories recorded a sales growth of 8.7% (average growth of 2017-2022: + 6.4%).
"From here, two considerations - commented by Myplant & Garden - the aging of the population will favor the spread of robotic and ergonomic machinery and equipment, expanding the ecommerce share of the green sector in general (from around 3 million euros in 2012 to ca 13 million euros in 2017) and the web, now a daily tool for the population, for gathering information ".
According to Euromonitor data, organic products for green care will be increasingly protagonists of the market, going to meet the preventive needs of health of plants, while the chemical 'classic' will be used mainly as a result of problems arising.
The projections of the Italian gardening market forecast a steady increase in sales up to 2022, when sales will return to 2010 levels, breaking through 3 billion euros in value. The 2017 figure is 2,763 million euros.
The most general context of 2017 is as follows: Western Europe had a market of almost 32 billion dollars; the eastern one of around 2.4 billion. North America settled at USD 37.7 billion. The Asia-Pacific area was worth 8.25 billion dollars, Australasia almost 2.5. The Middle East and Africa stood at 2 billion, Latin America had a market of about USD 1.35 billion. Globally, the global gardening market was worth USD 86.166 billion.
"What has to grow in Italy - say by Myplant & Garden - is, in the more general view of the vegetable garden gardening, a public commission. Efforts have been made in this direction, which is a decisive factor for the development of the supply chain. The consequences would be very important for the entire national economy. The Italian sector, worldwide, is recognized for the variety and quality of production: a unique mix of natural microclimates and entrepreneurial skills ".
A survey by the University of Florence (2016) made it clear that the value of the production of Italian companies in the green sector exceeds 5% of agricultural production, and is equally divided between flowers and pot plants on one side (14,000 manufacturing companies) , plants, trees and shrubs on the other (7,500 companies, excluding and young plants, produced by another 2,000 companies). There are 29,000 hectares of agricultural land intended for nurseries, as well as 1,500 for young plants.
 "A productive and varietal potential that - together with the high technical professionalism of the sector (agronomy, arboriculture, maintenance, planning ...) - would bring enormous benefits to the Belpaese. The green, which for the public administrations is immediately a cost, represents in reality a very rewarding medium and long term investment form. The benefits of green are not only free and stable over time, but increasing: pollution abatement, thermoregulation, proven health benefits, environmental purification, flora and fauna wealth, general wellbeing, landscape redevelopment, territorial resilience, technological innovation, decrease urban crime, real estate value growth, job growth, incentives for international tourism, social inclusion, research and development ... ".
These are some of the issues that will be addressed at Myplant 2019: from the profit-no profit social cooperation in the works to the green to the resilience to climate change, from the safety in the green works to the competition for the Arché Onlus Foundation, from the certifications of the trees to the new ones technologies and services for the green, from the recovery of the urban wood to the arboreal renewal. 

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