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The health emergency caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has had its effects on the gardening machinery market, marking a -23% in the first quarter of 2020. All product segments were affected; within the quarterly average limited losses only for battery models. In contrast to the negative data, only the robotic lawnmowers. According to Comagarden, which released the data from the Morgan survey team, a recovery is expected from May, although it will not be possible to return to the numbers of 2019 and a 9% liability is expected by the end of the year.
They explain from Comagarden: "The consequences of the pandemic made themselves felt especially with the lockdown in March which resulted in a sharp slowdown for almost all types of machines".
Brushcutters and trimmers closed the quarter with a decrease of 34.4% and 25.1% respectively, while for the tractors the contraction was 19%. Heavy liabilities also for the lawnmower sector (-32.6%), in which, however, the substantial stability of the battery models which limited the losses (-1.7%) was reported.
Interest in electric machines has also characterized the trend of blowers and cordless chainsaws. In the case of blowers, the data referring to the sector as a whole saw a significant reduction in sales (-28.1%) while the battery models, driven by the excellent results in the first two months of the year, improved performance compared to to 2019 (+ 23.3%).
This trend is even more evident in the case of chainsaws: while the overall sales figure shows a slight decrease compared to last year (-4.9%), that referring only to battery models registers a real exploit with an increase equal to 136 %.
A completely different scenario for the snowplows, which closed the first quarter of 2020 with a very heavy liability (-86%). It was not the Covid 19 pandemic that weighed on this product category, but the anomalous trend of the winter season, the second mildest ever after the 2007-2008 one, according to the Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate (ISAC-CNR).
In a scenario characterized therefore by a generalized contraction in sales, the robotic lawnmower sector goes against the trend and is marked by a significant increase in sales (+ 9.1%), according to an expansive trend that has been underway steadily since 2014. Sign positive also for pole pruners (+ 11%) and for sprayers (28.9%).
According to the forecasts of Comagarden and of the Morgan survey group, the coming months, once the strictly emergency phase is over, will be characterized by a recovery of the market, which will see a reduction in the deficit but which will in any case mark a substantial liability (-9%) recover the market share that was closely linked to spring maintenance, largely suspended precisely because of the health emergency.

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