Gardening machines market: the European scenario


Slight decline in the European garden machinery market in 2018, but the cordless battery compartment does not stop growing. The data contained in the "Activity Report 2019" of the EGMF (European Garden Machinery Industry Federation), which represents the garden industry in Europe, with 25 members, 4 associates and 7 national associations say.
The six-monthly statistical surveys conducted by the association's marketing committee show a slight decline in the European market in 2018 in contrast to the complex growth trend in recent years.
This is essentially due to the very unusual weather, with spring and summer marked by record temperatures and droughts in central and northern Europe.
EGMF member companies sold over 18 million units in Europe (out of a total of 39 countries) in 2018 compared to 18.6 million units in 2017. Of these, 8.1 million are petrol (they were 8.6 million in 2017), 4.9 million with cable (5.6 million in 2017) and 4.2 million cordless (3.4 million in 2017).
However, the volume of units sold shows a 2% growth in the European market over the last 5 years. EGMF member companies employ over 120,000 people across Europe.
Wolfgang Simmer, chairman of EGMF, commented: "In recent months, the garden machinery industry has faced an increasingly unstable scenario, both economically and politically. European elections and national consultations, growing trade tensions between the United States and China and Brexit were the biggest problems, while climate change remains the biggest challenge for our industry, as it strongly influences our commercial activities. In 2019, our companies had to adapt to unusual weather conditions.
Innovation and quality remain essential elements to adapt to the structural changes of our market. Growth is currently driven by the growing demand for battery and robotic products. In this evolving environment, joining forces makes our industry stronger and our association successful ".

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