Gardening machines, a stable market


The Italian market for greening and gardening machinery and equipment closed 2016 with a level of sales slightly lower than that of 2015: by the end of the year there are a total of 1 million 228 thousand units sold (including all types From motorized to manual gear), with a 0.5% decrease compared to the previous year.
The Comagarden press conference was held in Milan on 21 April in Milan, where the results of the gardening market in 2016 were published and commented on.
In spite of the slight decline, the figure is positive, since in previous years it was + 7.6% in 2014 and + 1% in 2015, and thus places itself in a trend that after the collapse of the economic crisis Saw a steady recovery.
Looking at the different types of vehicles, lawnmowers marked a decline of 2.4%, due to nearly 280,000 units sold, tractors and ride-ons fell by 5% (around 36,000) and trimmers by 7.2% ( 55,250 units). In line with the previous year, chain saws (-0.4%, compared with 345,000 units sold), while boomers (+ 1.8%, 256,350 units), and blowers and leaf aspirators (+ 5.5% for a total of nearly 89,600 units).
"The drop in sales for machine types such as lawnmowers, ride-ons and trimmers - explained the President of Comagarden Franco Novello during the conference - is to be linked to the trend of the meteorological season, characterized by high temperatures But from a low rainfall which has led to a reduction in the vegetative activity of plants and therefore a fall in demand for machinery for maintenance. "
In the absence of definitive data on the first quarter of the year, Comagarden estimates - based on a survey conducted on a representative sample of companies - indicate a good market dynamics in the current year. In the first quarter, sales were up 2%, with good performance for shredders (+ 17%), trimmers (+ 11%), blowers / aspirators (+ 10%) and robotic lawn mowers (+ 27% ), While a noticeable recovery is recorded for the sweepers (+ 80%). On the other hand, mowers and chain saws appear to fall, with decreases of 8% and 5%, respectively.
As far as distribution is concerned, the major part is still assigned to traditional channels of specialized stores, gardening centers (80% of the market), while large distribution gets 17% and e-commerce is only 3%.
Beyond the Italian economic situation, market performance is overall positive at European level. Data recently compiled by the EGMF European Manufacturers Association indicate a total of 17 million units sold, with a 2% growth, with a particularly good performance for robotic mowers and a leap for battery-powered machines ( Including mowers, chain saws, trimmers and trimmers, although with market shares still low), which grow by 31%.
The success of battery-powered vehicles is also evident in our country, which in 2016 showed a remarkable growth for this type of media (overall + 47%), but still marginal in percentage terms (currently only 1% of Lawnmowers and 1.7% of the chainsaws sold are equipped with a battery system).
"The data on new types of vehicles such as battery equipment or robotic mowers," commented President Novello, "is interesting in terms of marketing, because it clearly shows how the vehicle's practicality and ease of use, As well as the innovative content, are perceived by the market as important elements, capable of affecting purchasing decisions even in the absence of a particularly favorable economic situation. "

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