Comfort and minimum effort with the new garden tools


A new range of garden work tools, combining maximum comfort and minimum effort: Gardena presents the new ErgoLine and NatureLine lines.
Perfect for heavier work on the ground, ErgoLine tools (spade, small spade, pointed spade, fork, telescopic spade) are made of hardened steel with high quality coating and come with a plastic handle for a perfect grip in any position.
Excellent ergonomic D-shaped handle, with two different grip positions to avoid straining your back and guaranteeing better comfort. Equipped with a large footrest with special ribs and a sharp blade to easily penetrate the ground.
The NatureLine line, designed for lighter work, consists of three work tools, seven garden tools and a spare wooden handle.
NatureLine work tools (spade, pointed spade and fork) are perfect for digging, moving, transplanting and working the ground (the gallows above all where there are plants).
NatureLine garden tools are comfortable, robust, ergonomic and easy to handle. A complete range that is able to meet any need, offering a tool for any application: grass rake, rake, adjustable metal rake, tiller, weed hoe, garden hoe, outdoor broom.

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