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A new line of hand tools for landscaping and gardening, with a unique design that reflects the commitment to sustainability: Gardena presents the EcoLine range, made with recycled materials.
The tools are distinguished by the choice of elegant colors, combined with metallic elements, for a modern and high-quality appearance. What really makes the difference, however, is the composition of the products: the plastic components of each tool are made up of at least 65% recycled material.
Most recycled plastic is made up of household waste, such as film or packaging, also known as post-consumer recycled materials. Taking into account the properties and functions that the different products must satisfy, the Gardena experts have evaluated every detail in relation to their composition and therefore to the real possibilities of use.
Gardena confirms its attention to the environment, without neglecting the quality of the products in terms of functionality and durability and the result of this commitment is called EcoLine, a wide range of products that includes a basic set for irrigation, a Lancia a impulse shower, an oscillating sprinkler, as well as three hand tools (transplanter, grubber and scraper) and a pair of garden scissors.


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