Festival of the gardens, preparations begin at the Villa Reale in Monza


From 13 to 24 May 2015, the Serre the Villa Reale in Monza, the back of the Gardens Festival organized by Terralab3.0 association of social promotion, in collaboration with the City of Monza and the Consortium and Royal Villa of Monza Park. The event, now in its fourth year, will face in the year of the Expo theme of food, through an innovative format that will explore topics related to food, like the earth, the garden, rural architecture, within a 'area - the Villa Reale in Monza - which is one of the cultural centers connected to Expo 2015.The Festival is divided into several sections, provide an opportunity to talk about food, agriculture, landscape, but also of ecological architecture, of nature as 'care' and green education in schools.**Workshop, tastings and recipes**Courses, seminars and workshops aimed at children, teenagers and adults will offer various opportunities to experience horticulture, gardening and cooking. An opportunity to experience first hand theissues of enhancement of the environment and natural food.Under Green speech, international experts will discuss the issue of agriculture in the city, through contributions and testimonies that will analyze the impact on nutrition and well-being, productivity and short supply chains, on the landscape and urban regeneration; a session with various guests will also be dedicated to Food Design, edited the magazine of (Food Design, Design Diffusion Word).Show cooking, tastings, local produce, cooking schools will be the ingredients of the Pole of taste where you can choose different gastronomic routes. A kitchen installed in the open area near the greenhouses will host performances of cooks and teachers from the area of catering, from reality training and experimental, that will carry dishes and recipes with garden products, enhancing even the traditional recipes of Brianza. A series of tastings in the name of identity and respect for the land will know the wines of the best manufacturers in an attempt to keep alive the dialogue between culture and nature.**Architecture, plant installations and sustainable projects**The garden to the table is the title of a competition of ideas for designers in the industry, in collaboration with the Order of Architects of Monza and Brianza, for the construction of a production plant: the projects selected by the jury will be part of the exhibition set up on the lawn of the Gardens of Serre during the event. Installations must relate to the theme of the garden, which form of new urban agriculture can affect the development of the city as an element of social regeneration and landscape of the area and represent jointly the issues related to the theme of food.The projects must provide sustainable solutions, innovative, low-cost, removable at the end of the event. Visitors will have the opportunity to find products and specific articles through the exhibition of plants and flowers, organic products, horticulture, equipment and accessories for horticulture and gardening, alternative energy, wellness, crafts and recycling, sustainable mobility and natural cosmetics. Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 May, florovivaistici exhibitors will present a preview of 'Fruits rare to Santa - 3rd Edition', (September 2015, Villasanta) by Thuja Lab.


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